Skype Phone
Drivers download

Skype Telbox (ezSKY200) ( ver. )
Driver for MS Windows 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP
For Skype User

Software Download

SkypeMate for Windows (Support Aup-01, 04, 08)
SkypeMate for MAC OS X (Support Aup-01) beta
SkypeMate for Windows (Support Aup-01, 03, 04)
(Use * to switch between USB and PSTN)
SkypeMate for Windows(Support Aup-01,03, 04)
(Use ** to switch between USB and PSTN)
SkypeMate for LinuxZIP file For Fedora Core 3
Support Aup-01, 03
Skype for Windows
Skype for Linux RPM for Fedora Core 3

Brochure Download


Instroduction Manual
Aup-01(for MAC OS X) @
USB Hand Phone (Aup-01)
USB Speaker Phone (Aup-04)
USB Telbox (Aup-03) / Manual
USB Hand Phone (Aup-01) For Linux @
For Other User

Software Download

windows(Driver for X-Ten, eyeBeam) 1.0.25
SJphoneMate for windows(Driver for SJphone, Support Aup-01) 1.0.001
Net2phoneMate for windows(Driver for net2phone)
VoipBusterMate for windows(Driver for VoipBuster)
GoogleTalkMate for windows(Driver for google talk) beta1
NortelMate for Softphone i2050(Driver for Nortel IP Softphone i2050) 1.00.02
X-Lite, X-Pro or eyeBeam for windows from Xten @
SJphone for windows @
Net2phone for windows @
Firefly for windowsDriver build-in, Support USB-P1K @
VoipBuster for Windows @
google talk for Windows BETA @
Nortel IP Softphone I2050 @