USB Desktop Charger

6 port USB Desktop Charger


  • 6 port USB Desktop charger for all kinds of USB appliances

  • Individual current tech : Leading Unparallelled tech makes sure that the other USB charging ports still can work when there is any USB port damaged ,and limits the Max.power output of each USB port for device protection purpose

  • Smart Power Tech : Intelligent Power/ Intelligent charging

  • Automatical Device identification : Auto-recognizing charged device (Apple, Android, Samsung Nokia etc mobile phone and tablet) and charging them at the most optimized output for the quickest charge


  • Full Compatibility charging to all kinds of USB device

  • Smart Charging Tech: Intelligent Power/ Intelligent Charge/ Individual Current Tech

  • Short circuit protection (Over current protection)

  • Over Heat Protection/ Over Charge Protection/ Over Voltage Protection

  • Input voltage range:AC100-240V

  • Output characteristics

    Rated output5V 6-14.4A

    Specification limits


    Min value

    Max value

    Unload output voltage




    Full load output voltage




    Output current




    Cc mode rate load cold ripple




    Over current protection




    Turn on delay time




    Hold up time



    Full load

  • Size: 75*75*33 mm

  • Weight: 45gw

  • CE Approved

Protective properties

Over current Protection

Under any input conditions, when output current is greater than the set current ,the protectionmode is on, after output current become lower than the set current, the charger will automatically restart work

Short circuit Protection

Under any conditions, when short circuit occurs the protection mode is on, after short circuitdisappears, the charger will automatically restart work

Over temperature protection

After the charger works for a long time, if the temperature is higher than that of IC set workingtemperature, the protection mode is on, if the temperature drops to IC set temperature again, the charger will automatically restart work

Over voltage protection

When output voltage is bigger than the set voltage, the protection mode is on, if the output voltage drops to set voltage again, the charger will automatically restart work